charles tisa

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"snoid", oil, 24"x18" , 2009
"head", oil, "24x24" , 2009
"myth", oil on canvas, 7'x7', 2008, collaborative painting by Strackbein/Tisa
"tug" , oil on canvas, 6'x6', 2008 collaborative painting by Strackbein/Tisa
"box man", oil on canvas, 7'x6' , collaborative painting by Strackbein/Tisa
Artist's Statement

My work originates as an autobiographical visualization of my place in the world at large as well as my immediate environment. Often my work describes a disturbed mental state brought on by inner turmoil and the unpredictability of life. The figures are portraits of different human identities that are formed and built upon by varying mentalities. These creatures stand-alone or are grouped in surreal landscapes sometimes devoid of time and space. Some figures are violent and others are victims of physical or mental cruelty. Through distorted forms and backward gestures I strive to demonstrate a failed humanism present within all of us.


Select Exhibitions:
“Co-Mix”, Group Exhibition curated by Rachel Phillips, Space Not Found, Brooklyn NY
“It’s a Wonderful Life”, Group Exhibition, Sideshow Gallery, NY, NY
"Group Exhibition", Side Show Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
"Stray Dogs", 3 person exhibition, Gershwin Hotel Art Space, NY,
“Me Myself and My Emotions”, Tastes Like Chicken Art Space,
curated by Rachel Phillips and Linda Dennis, Brooklyn, NY
Art of the Neighborhood, Tastes Like Chicken, Brooklyn, NY
Out of the loop, Barbes Performance and Art Space, New York, NY
Big America, Fishtank Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Brave Destiny, The Williamsburg Art and Historical Society, Brooklyn,
Brewster 2003, Brewster, NY
Reactions, Exit Art, NY, NY
Ethical Society Exhibition Space, Philadelphia, PA
Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia, PA