Charles Printz

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Cathedral I, 2014
Artist's Statement

Charles Printz makes large-scale paintings, prints, sculptures and installations centered on expansive themes concerning the grand narratives of the western tradition: mythology, culture, empire, and civilization executed in a style categorized as “comic book abstraction.” He employs the phraseology of mapping, gaming, history and art history. Printz creates large-scale dynamic murals comprising enamel and acrylic paints, ink markers, paint markers and archival pens. “Empire,” his first major series, was produced in New York.


Charles Printz was born in 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts, and lives and works in Los Angeles, California and New York. He has exhibited extensively nationally, including exhibitions at Yale University, New Haven (2008), Micro Museum, New York (2009-2010), The Gershwin Hotel, New York (2009), The National Academy of Fine Art & Museum, New York (2010), Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York (2011-2012) Nada NY Art Fair (2013), La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles (2014) and Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, New Hampshire (2014). Charles received his BFA from Cornell University (2005) and attended Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, London (2003). Distinctions include the Edward Austin Abbey Mural Fellowship (2010), the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Grant (2010), the Puffin Foundation Grant (2011), and a JCAL Fellowship (2011).