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American artist Charles Printz is noted for his restless exploration of a range of media and mediums centered on expansive themes concerning the grand narratives of the western tradition: mythology, culture, empire, and civilization. He employs a phraseology derived from his interests in narrative, literature, biography, travel, history and art history. His works reveal a perspective inclined toward drama, spectacle and the sublime. As well, Printz’s protean working methodology frequently references and deals within the genres of landscape and history painting. The visual field he seeks to create is a thing at once drawn together and split apart intended to invite a sudden immersive engagement. As he constructs space he has in mind the nature of the cultural landscape, the many media, mediums and technologies used to simultaneously comment and deconstruct the objects of our conversations, stories, and myths.


Charles Printz was born in 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts. He has exhibited extensively nationally, including exhibitions at Yale University, New Haven (2008), Micro Museum, New York (2009-2010), The Gershwin Hotel, New York (2009), The National Academy of Fine Art & Museum, New York (2010), Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York (2011-2012) Nada NY Art Fair (2013), La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles (2014) and Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, New Hampshire (2014). Charles received his BFA from Cornell University (2005) and attended Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, London (2003). Distinctions include the Edward Austin Abbey Mural Fellowship (2010), the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Grant (2010), the Puffin Foundation Grant (2011), and a JCAL Fellowship (2011).