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Celeste Carballo

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Studio Interior
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Artist's Statement

Moving between drawing, installation, music and performance, I construct a personal mythology informed by dualism. I investigate historical accounts, ritual behaviors, and natural science in search of symbols and imagery, adapting them to tell a story. Two-dimensional works include delicate renderings of animals, characters, and places that are isolated and suspended in time. Through performance, my work adopts the role of a ceremony; it seeks to resolve death and mourning by way of creation and renewal. I utilize drawing and painting to introduce a physical environment, and produce music to permeate it and conjure a mood. The music references various sources, from ritualistic chants to droning, cinematic soundscapes. A verse is recited repeatedly and becomes a talisman; depending on the context and intention, it holds the possibility of transforming into a prayer, an incantation, or a simple affirmation.


2010 The Glasgow School of Art, MFA

2006 New York University, BFA

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