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20 photographs on plywood from Migrations series
archival photograph 16" x 78"
archival photograph from Migrations series
archival photograph from Migrations series
20 photographs on plywood from Migrations series 37" x 48"
Artist's Statement

I have worked in sculpture, painting, installation and photography. My recent work in photography is an exploration of the relationship between it and other mediums, whether the images are ones that I find on the television screen or ones that I construct for the camera.

Migrations is about the influence of digital technology on the way nature is represented in the media. It is comprised of photographs that I take of nature programming from the television or the computer, and then manipulate to reference their digital origins. On a daily basis, we are bombarded by images of nature in commercials, television shows, nature and survival shows, and the internet. This proliferation creates the illusion of a boundless natural world. In reality, nature is being extinguished as more and more of our contact with it occurs through digital representation.



Cecilia Schmidt's recent works draw from an interest in the way that nature is represented in the media and the arts. She is exploring the medium's potential for blurring the distinctions between paintings and photographs, and its' ability to influence our perceptions of reality. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, she received her BFA in sculpture and MFA in combined media from Arizona State University, and attended The International Center for Photography in NYC. Her work in photography, painting, sculpture and video has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.