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Cecilia Biagini

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Continuo". flashe on canvas, 74 x 81 inches, 2009
"Teoroma chino del resto", flashe on canvas, 55 x 56 inches, 2009
"Mi Fantasma", unique color photogram, 30 x 20 inches, 2009
"Infini", unique color photogram, 30 x 20 inches, 2009
"Mínimo comun múltiplo", silver and gold leaf on wood, variable dimensions, 2009
Artist's Statement

multiplicity – chroma - intersection - movement – recurrent - equilibrium – superposition – strata - communication of medium – physics – sound - ethereality – dispersion – macro/micro units all co-existing in a tri dimensional world . Conjuring the ludic with pure geometry in space, my work at times refers and alludes to musical and rhythmic waves, pseudo-scientific models/diagrams and is always anchored in the purity of the medium itself. It manifests and metamorphoses a randomly controlled color synthesis that vividly harmonizes rhythm. The base curiosity remains inside an abstract model where an intuitive poetic field seeks a path of engagement and purely visual ideas can converge, convey and be defined through internalized individual truths that acknowledge the uniqueness of experience and singular consciousness.


Cecilia Biagini was born in 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York since 1997. Selected Exhibitions: 2009 - Una Mecánica Infinita, Van Riel Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina Cecilia Biagini and Elizabeth Jobim: New Paintings, Ruiz Healey Art, San Antonio, USA 2008 - Material Color, The Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ. - Requests for Expansion, The Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, NY. 2007 - Puntos de Aparición y Desaparición, Zavaleta Lab Gallery, B.A, Argentina 2006 - Absolute Threshold, The Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, NY 2001 - Bruzzone / Biagini, 2 person photo show, Dabbah-Torrejon Arte Contemporáneo, B.A, Argentina. 2000 - Primera Junta, Belleza y Felicidad, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1998 - Paintings, Consulate of Argentina Gallery, NY - Polares, Fundación Proa, B.A, Argentina. 1996 - Lo Espejo, C.C.Recoleta, B.A, Argentina.