Catherine Czacki

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Studio Location
Non Sibi Sed Omnibus. Black and white print from 35 mm negative. 8" x 10". 2010.
Installation components for S-N-W-O exhibition. 2010.
The object is projectile***a word is dynamic in the fold. PA. Digital print mounted on cintra above door. 11" x 14" x 3". 2009.
Shadow Riders. 2010
Untitled(Bris soleil). Wood. 39” x 39” x 3”. 2008.
Artist's Statement

Catalysts from daily life generate a practice of compulsive, process oriented object and image making that combines into larger narratives bracketed by text and activated by performative gestures. These objects - like stars in an expanding universe - come together for a moment then disperse and hover waiting to recombine into new contexts. These things absorb time and aim to slowly reveal the complexity of perceptual experience.

Mist as a blurring agent, imperfect doubles, linguistic portals, the bleed of water on paper, uneasy archives, the persistence of images, and the breathing molecular structure of wood are some of the formal elements at play within my work.


Catherine Czacki was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania and lived in La Rioja, Spain for the majority of her childhood. She attended the University of Texas at El Paso from 1998 – 1999 for Political Science, and the San Francisco Art Institute from 1999 – 2003, graduating with a BFA in New Genres. In 2004 she traveled to Poland, where she continued her artistic endeavors with the Rector Scholarship for Independent Research at the University of Warsaw. Catherine graduated from Columbia University with her MFA in May 2008 where she was the recipient of the D’Arcy Hayman, Kosciuszko Foundation, and Leopold Schepp Foundation scholarship awards. Recent exhibitions include ‘S-N-W-O’ at DREI Raum für Gegenwartskunst in Köln, Germany and ‘Multiple Pleasures: Functional Objects in Contemporary Art’ at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.