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Cat Del Buono

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Vanity Unfair Project. Interactive installation to performance on the streets of Miami Beach and the MET in NYC.
"Now I'm Beautiful!" shows the absurdity of conforming to a certain idea of “beautiful” while commenting on plastic surgery.
Del Buono
Artist's Statement

When confronted with gender and social issues that I find unacceptable, my way of coping is by creating works that exaggerate the obvious. By combining performance and viewer participation, I create public interactive happenings and videos that criticize conformity and society’s obsession with an arbitrary beauty standard. My intent is to physically take these messages to a wider audience beyond the gallery walls and to encourage thinking and moving beyond the status quo. Some influences include the interactive ideas of Adrian Piper, VALIE EXPORT, Yoko Ono, and my thesis advisor Shimon Attie. My Vanity Unfair project focuses on plastic surgery and was an interactive exhibit that moved onto the streets and into the MET in NYC. My next projects include a Martha Rosler-esque “how to not get raped” video as well as guerilla marketing campaigns for small breasts and for women to keep their last names after marriage.


Filmmaker, artist, and talent manager Cat Del Buono began drawing and filming at an early age, making her first Super 8 film when she was 11 years old. She received a BA from Boston College, MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and attended the graduate film program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. While working in TV Production, she created a cable access show, “Show Your Shorts,” that showcased short films and aired for 10 years. Cat now creates performative projects and video installations that include viewer interaction. Her works have been shown in galleries, museums, and festivals including Chashama and White Box Gallery New York, Fonlad Digtial Arts Festival Portugal, 5th Base Gallery London, and 6th Street Container Miami. Awards include Winner of the Baang & Burne New Works Grant, NYFA Strategic Opportunity Stipend, Best in Show at The Art Place Wynwood Miami, and an SVA Alumni Association award.