Carson Fox

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Fire Room, installed at New Britain Museum of American Art, 2011-12
Ice Room, installed at New Britain Museum of American Art, 2011-12
Orange Coral, 2014
Golden Hoard, 2014
Pink Ship, 2014
Artist's Statement

I interested in beauty, but I mistrust it. Instead, I look for beauty that exists in tension between nature and artifice, the awe of visual spectacle, and humanity’s desire to bridle nature and time. As a child, I often fantasized about nature, and my determination of it – at least in my mind - fulfilled a sense of control that I lacked in life. As an adult, I find myself returning to these concerns and using them as the subject of my artwork, while considering their larger symbolic relevance, both personally and societally.


Carson Fox's work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at museums and galleries across the United States, including at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Jersey City Museum, and New Britain Museum of American Art.

She has been featured in over fifty significant national and international group exhibitions, including shows at the Museum of Arts and Design, Nassau County Museum of Art, Jersey City Museum, Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Indiana State Museum, the Museum of the University of Delaware, and Tweed Museum of Art.

In 2009, Fox was commissioned by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (NYC), to complete a large scale, permanent public work at the Long Island Railroad Station in Seaford, New York.

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