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Carrie Pollack

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Knit, 2009, Digital Print on Canvas, 28"x22"
Rock, 2009, Oil Paint and Pencil on Canvas, 28"X22"
Window, 2009, Digital Print on Canvas, 28"x22"
Marks, 2009, Oil Paint and Pencil on Canvas, 28"x22"
Stripes, 2009, Digital Print on Newsprint, 40"x48" Installed @ the Deli Storeroom
Artist's Statement

I work with images that cross my path: worn fabric, the window in my studio at night or the texture of concrete. I construct my world through the piecing together of these fragments. My choices are guided by a visceral response. I try to consciously shift my attention to see unnoticed things and the relationships between them. A picture of texture is very different from a textured thing. Contrasting the physicality of painted marks or the wrinkles on canvas in one work, which resides next to a print of knitted fabric brings the difference forward and reveals interesting contradictions between these paradoxical mediums. Rather than choosing one point of view over another, I am more interested in investigating the fluid boundaries between these ideas.