Carrie Elston Tunick

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"Michael" is an amalgamation of images of emotionally overwhelmed Michael Jackson fans at concerts in the 80's.
"Diana" is comprised of imagery of spectators at the funeral and wedding processions of Princess Diana.
Elston Tunick
Artist's Statement

My work explores the discord between the way one feels and the way one behaves. The emotional conflict of love and violence begins in the body and then becomes realized through action, which becomes cathartic. When opposing emotions merge an abject code of communication is born, where disfigurement is struggling to be beautiful, or in search of redemption despite its sorry state of affairs. I am interested in the collision of emotional states and the body’s erratic manifestation of what is felt.


Carrie Elston Tunick is an artist who lives and works in New York. After graduating from Yale in 2003, she returned to New York and co-founded the Young Associates of the Chelsea Art Museum. Carrie received her MFA from Hunter in 2010, and recently started the IMC Lab + Gallery in New York City, which is a technology research lab and multi-media gallery with a focus on creative technology development and participative new art forms. She was recently a recipient of the NY Art Marathon First Prize, and a residency at the Artist’s Alliance. Her videos, sculpture, and installation are regularly shown in galleries around New York and are in several private collections.