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Carol Radsprecher

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Black Black," ink and acrylic on Claybord - 12x12 inches - 2009
"Sported Head," ink and acrylic on Claybord - 16x12 inches - 2009
"Mice Watching Mice," drawing in Photoshop - 14x11 inches - 2010
"Spike at the Party," original photo and drawing in Photoshop - 16x12 inches - 2009
"Doo," drawing in Photoshop - 11x8.5 inches - 2010
Artist's Statement

The images in my paintings and Photoshop drawings refer to the human body—specifically, the female body, that first landscape to greet us when we come into the world. In ways both subtle and brazen I distort the representation of the female body, combining abstract and figurative elements. The human body, female and/or male, is a constantly-renewing source of imagery for me.

The themes in my work concern difficult issues: disease, death, destruction—all with a leavening of humor. I begin each painting by drawing in ink and drawing, as well, on a “cast of characters” that appear every so often. As I draw, I add paint, erase, emphasize. Formal qualities are important, as is symbolism. There is a strong narrative element in my work, both within each piece and from work to work. I tend to exhibit this body of work in a jazzy grid formation or in a band of work around the room.


Carol Radsprecher has an MFA in Painting from Hunter College, CUNY. Her work has appeared in several solo exhibits and numerous group shows. More of her work can be seen on and She was born and still lives in Brooklyn, with a Manhattan studio (obviuosly).