carol bruns

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Queen of the Night. 32x24x18". 2013. paper, plaster, paint
Shipwreck. 50x36x15". 2013. wood, paper, plaster, paint
She. 76x42x32" 2011. steel, pvc, paper, plaster, paint
Ancestor. 98x42x36". 2013. wood, paper, plaster, paint
Renegade. 38x25x25" 2013. paper, plaster, paint. hands on wall
Artist's Statement

Endangered Species

The social and environmental context of the artwork is that mankind is an endangered species because of its own behaviors, its own unconsciousness. To engage these conditions, the art is radical, going to the root of the human form---its psyche, its subjectivity, the place where spiritual and physical meet. The art focuses on the depths of the transpersonal psyche, hidden from view by the cultural mythology of science, the rational, and material worlds.
Not so pretty, the sculpture's language evolves by yielding the will to the simple materials of newspaper and other papers, plaster, and paint. It directs attention to the bent, twisted, wrinkled, earthy, tactile, awkward, or dim enabling the eye and mind to adjust its perception to the ambiguous, mysterious, and symbolic. Here meaning can unfold as from a dream by inner forms such as the figure, mask, and shadow.


1991 Paintings, Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
1993 Private View, Six Solo Artists, New York, New York
1995 The Ideal and the Refused, Art Initiatives, New York, New York
1995 BWAC, Hero and Antiheroes, Brooklyn, New York
1996 Light, Eighth Floor Gallery, New York, New York
1997 68 Jay Street Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York
1997 Persona: A New Look at Portraits, Gallery 450, New York, New York
1998 Hartnett Murray Gallery, New York, New York
2000 Timothy Tew Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2001 The Gallery at ExCalibur Collection, New York, New York
2002 anXious, at DAC, Brooklyn, New York
2003 Timothy Tew Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2006 Timothy Tew Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2007 Henry Gregg Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2010 Core and Mantle, M55, New York.