Carmen Teixidor

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Studio Location
Skin Object (white background), C print 20x20, 2011
"Skin Object with Blue." Digital C print, 20x20, 2011
Video still from "Manhattan Island," 2011. One of 3 panels in a triptych, on a looph
Video still from "Breakfast Time" 2008
Self portrait with frame, 10x8, digital C print. Face seems distorted because it is a photograph of a mylar reflection
Artist's Statement

My video work is usually integrated into a larger context. In "Manhattan Island," one of the 3 panels juxtaposed for the installation, I include a photo still, a digitized image, and a video sequence. The video sequence shows a sinking skyline as captured from my window. The self-portrait, a mirror image, is a scanned photograph of mine, and the background, simulating wallpaper, is my design. "Breakfast Time" evokes for that dreamy time in the morning before I have breakfast.
In my still work, as in the series "Skin objects and other Avatars," the photo of a skin parcel becomes the basis for the creation of larger "objects" printed as digital C prints.
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Mostly self taught, without much exposure.