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Carlos Pileggi

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Fallen ("Die liebesmüllen und pein" series) Monotype on paper—unique copy 11 X 8 inches 2014
Fiber ("Die liebesmüllen und pein" series) Monotype on paper—unique copy 8 X 11 inches
Fired (Pulga: Victor series) Linocut 6 1/4 X 8 1/2 inches
Winner - monotype on paper - 43 x 34 inches (2013)
Fiber II ("Die liebesmüllen und pein" series) Ink on paper 26 X 19 inches (2014)
Artist's Statement

The daily bombardment of information leads me to draw profusely,creating a personal archive. I translate this overwhelming amount of information into works that might show an “unfinished”, rugged visual language, that resonates with the aesthetics explored by punk fanzines published in the 1980s. By appropriating this visual language, and the fanzine DIY marginal network, I push my body of work outside the art space. By doing so, I establish tension between traditional notions of artistic work, the aura of the white cube, and my idea of a work of art which can be touched, seen and even brought home.

It is in the now that I find inspiration.


I am currently developing my artistic practice in NYC for six months, at NARS Foundation residency program. I was born in November 3rd 1973. In 2004 I attended the printshop at Lasar Segall Museum. From 2004 to 2007 I attended the open printshop at SESC Pompeia - SP, under the coordination and tutoring of brazilian artist Evandro Carlos Jardim. In 2013, I got my Master of Fine Arts in studio Art at Maine College of Art, Portland-Maine.