Carlos Irijalba

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Switch off all Devices IV (50x60 inches) 2007
Outside comes first VII (50x60 inches)2008
Twilight 2 (50x60 inches) 2009
Twilight 11 (70x95 inches) 2009
Twilight 9 (40x120 inches) 2009
Artist's Statement

In previous projects, such as “Outside comes first” or “Devices” (both in 2007) he had already worked on the distortion of the construction of reality in Western Culture. So, with Twilight (2008/09) or Unwilling spectator (2009/10) he continues to delve into our understanding of and approach to reality, and spectacle.

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Carlos Irijalba (Pamplona, 1979) graduated in 2002 at the Fine Arts Basque Country University and studied at UDK Berlin with professor Lothar Baumgarten. Awarded by the Generación 2006 and 2009 art Prize or the Purificación Garcia Photography Prize among others, he also received several Art Grants as the Guggenheim Bilbao in 2003 or the Marcelino Botín Foundation in 2007/08. Irijalba has exhibited at international Art Museums, including the CCCB Barcelona and Jeu de Paime Paris. In projects as Uberlegung (2006) or Twilight (2008) he delves into the mechanisms of reality in western culture.