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Carla Goldberg

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Goddess Of The Frozen Reeds" mixed media:reeds, resin, ground glass, acrylic and oil paint, ink
"Goddess Of Hibernation" mixed media:frog embedded in resin, acrylic and oil paint, dry wall compound, ink
"Goddess Of The Tidal Pool" Mixed media: beads, acrylic, ink, resin
"She Of The Green Fire" Mixed media:drywall compound, acrylic and oil paint, resin, ink
"Rusalka The May Night Maiden" Mixed media:rocks, acrylic and oil paint, mica, ground glass, paper resin, ink
Artist's Statement

Bodice Of The Goddess series
What we as humans perceive is not the true intentions of the Goddesses, for Goddesses do as they please and play with all the elements as mere toys just for their own pleasures...
In my interpretations, it is the Goddesses female torsos under the watery depth of the river that form the peeks and valleys of the underwater terrain. It is the Goddesses emotions that are responsible for the constantly changing waves, ships sinking, drunken men fallen overboard and sudden and glorious storms that brew over the majestic Hudson. When anything amiss happens on the river, blame it on a Diva Goddess. She’s exercising her powerful self.


1989 M.F.A. Maryland Institute, College of Art- Mount Royal Graduate School of Art

1987-B.A. Studio Art Honors Program, Art History- University Of Redlands- Johnston Center History

Carla Goldberg is originally from Palm Springs, CA, She’s a mixed media artist who graduated with honors from the University of Redlands, CA. and earned her MFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art (MICA), Mount Royal Graduate School of Art in Baltimore, MD. Presently she lives with her husband and young family in the Hudson Valley region of New York, which is the subject matter of her abstract expressionistic works.
It is the Hudson River that inspires and informs Goldberg’s work, which has been featured in an exhaustive schedule of solo and group shows nationally and internationally in galleries, universities and museums and can be found in public spaces and corporate collections.