Carla Fache

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The Diference
Recycled cigar tabacco box
Energias Celestiales
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Artist's Statement


Painting is the faith within me, that endless hope that we as human beings carry through life. In my artwork as in my life, everyday brings a new challenge, a new goal to reach. When I paint, my canvas and I drift to another world, almost a dream world to me. All my senses come into play: my emotions, my eyes, my hands, my canvas, my ears… I’m in tune with myself, and all that surrounds me.



Born in Santiago, Chile, on May 14,1977.
Since the age of four her drawings reflected her creative mind, allowing her to stand out from the rest of her peers.
Since 2001, she has being a Miami-Based artist.
Her command of color and texture, together with her continuous exploration of the basic elements and the energy behind them, distinguish her work.
Carla has developed her own language in painting, throughout the combination of color, textures, angles, energy and soul.
Her work addresses mind, heart and the invisible to the senses through a lens of continuous vibrations exchange.
Fache has been pouring her soul prolifically on canvas ever since and invites the viewer to enjoy the experience, feel the energy and see the beauty .