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Cara Enteles

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Install shot at Sara Nightingale Gallery paintings about the oil spill
A Mirror to Nature oil ona acrylic sheet 48x72 inches
Whats that Sheen? oil and enamel on acrylic sheet 48x52 inches
Oiled Darner Oil and enamel on acrylic sheet 36x48 inches
Not yet Extinct oil and spray paint on acrylic sheet 29x48 inches
Artist's Statement

My work is motivated by a fascination with nature and a concern for the environment. I aim to subtly point out situations where human activity threatens nature while still conveying the beauty found there.
Issues such as the after affects of the gulf oil spill and the threat to our waterways in general, the dye off of our pollinating honey bees as a result of Colony collapse disorder, trees and landscapes disfigured by man’s encroachment, and the need to cut down on our consumptive habits are all explored in different bodies of work.
Surface and materials are a big part of my work. The paintings are done on layering of transparent colored acrylic sheet (Plexiglas). This man made petroleum product provides contrast to the organic imagery.
. I use a combination of traditional oil painting techniques, silk screening and spray paint to create the work.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:
Amy Simon Fine Art, Water’s Edge, Westport, CT September 6-Oct 19, 2013
Sara Nightingale Gallery, What’s that Sheen? Watermill, NY May 25-July 2nd 2013
Sara Nightingale Gallery, Buzz Saw, Watermill, NY August 2008