Cade Pemberton

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
August. Oil on canvas. 56"H x 68"W
Illusion. Oil on canvas. 59"H x82"W
Mardis Gras Acrylic on paper. 42"H x 30"W
Into the Blue. Oil on paper. 42"H x 30"W
Morning. 2 panels. Oil on canvas. 56"H x 156"W
Artist's Statement

I paint to release an alternate spiritual reality beyond the surface of the ordinary material world we all inhabit every day. To me, a painting is dead if it doesn't arouse emotion or communicate an emotional state--a spirit--of its own. Since I am moved primarily by the spirit and emotion emanating from a painting, the biggest challenge is to let the painting speak for itself, without censoring it or over-controlling what comes through the work.


Cade Pemberton is a painter of colorful, large-scale abstract and figurative works on canvas and paper. Her work is inspired by a number of sources ranging from nature to the subconscious to the intuitive process of painting itself. Her focus is on capturing the raw emotion released by the power of color. Oil, acrylic and watercolor are her primary mediums. She has had a number of open studio shows and a 1-woman solo show in Haverstraw, New York. See her work on

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