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Bryon Finn

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Path Loss" oil, ink and paper on plywood elements. 80" x 82.5"
"Snow Peels Satellites" oil on plywood and dowel rod elements. 69.25" x 72"
Scale Shot of "Bay Colony Break-up" and "Massachusetts"
Installation of "New Rat Bones" and "Brackets & Leaks"
Installation of "Passing Off" and "Godstar"
Artist's Statement

-I have been influenced by satellite and archipelago like relationships where identities in terms of bracketing shift in relation to indebtedness.
-Appearance is the result of leaks and woven modal states that develop during my forensic-like approach to painting. In recovering a painting, the recognition of what props up or disrupts registration, functions to what is lost as its logo and shadow
-The problem is a paradox of presentation and access, of exacerbation and eclipse. Within the guise of emblem-like formats, I am interested in the analogies and gaps in perception when a site is splayed, treated, substituted and reconvened under the pretense of wholeness and usefulness.
-I am interested in the play within approach, scanning and sorting. This deferred linking is meant to celebrate the provisional although with a backward glance towards the irrevocable and inevitable


Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT. M.F.A. in 2003
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA. BFA in 1995
Robert Schoelkopf Memorial Traveling Fellowship. 2002
Experimental Etching Studio Residency, Boston, MA. 1998
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY