Bryan Christie

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Artist's Statement

Art and science serve the same function: to keep alive the feeling of wonder about the world we live in. I am driven by the search for a truth that lies below the perceptible world. There is an underlying order to the perceived world and in my work I want to make this truth evident.

I work on a computer, a machine that owes it's existence to science. With this logical tool I explore the confusing, illogical world of emotion and passion. I set up a virtual world that is anatomically correct and of astonishing beauty in it’s perfection. The figures mirror our own physical existence, yet are in a virtual world. Upon this geometrical perfect world I explore the energy of emotions.

My work explores the physical body and how it is fused with unpredictable depths of emotions: In the fusion, the wonder of life becomes manifested. My hope is to create works that speak of being in peace and acceptance of our true nature.


2000 – 2011 Head of Bryan Christie Design Studio, New York, NY
1998 - 1999 Art Director, Scientific American, New York, NY
1996 - 1998 Scientific/medical illustrator, SlimFilms, New York, NY

2001 Newsweek Magazine, SND Award
2004 Marie Claire, SPD Award

- William Bennett Gallery, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY
- “Flesh and Blood”, Cyrus, New York, NY
- “Running”, Vivo Barefoot, New York, NY

-“Toast”, Group Exhibition, New York, NY
-“Corporeal Connection”, Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ

“Bryan Christie”, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

- NY Times Week In Review, 2011
- Documentary profile, Video by Sofia Oggioni, 2010
- Beautiful simplicity: the work of Bryan Christie, by Vanessa Ruiz, Streetanatomy, 2007