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Bruce Campbell

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Instruction Set Piece (Moan, Boo, Kill), 2012, painted aluminum, 96 x 96 x 96”
Prelude to Concealed Revelations, 2010, nylon line inserted into drywall, 65 x 63 x 4”
Oh H-E-Quadruple Hockey Sticks!, 2010, graphite powder and wax on red oak, 64 x 39 x 1.5”
It Wasn't Supposed to be This Way, 2008, digital C-prints, 31 5/8 x 81 3/4" installed
Beyond the Folds, 2010, fabric, lighting, hardware, 98 x 68 x 36”
Artist's Statement

Although diverse, my works arise from a conceptual process that values the primacy of language as an affective material. Each work begins with a brief phrase. These are part diary excerpts, part socio-political yearnings that I endeavor to pair with forms and materials that reifies a phrase’s semiotic content. A text’s content primarily drives these choices, but is also selected for its capacity to engage or implicate the viewer as a social character responsible for some amount of meaning. Reliance on this process pushes each work towards a fundamentally different visual result; yet each work resides in an associated mental space. Each appeals for a similar contemplation of an individual’s relation to larger systems. My ambition being that the viewer experience a moment of poetic disassociation born from slippages between one’s expectations of language’s normal functions and the absurd, or out-of-context operations given in these works.


A native of Dallas, TX, Bruce earned his MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and his BFA from Kansas City Art Institute. Professionally, Bruce has taught at Philadelphia Community College and worked as an artist assistant, at Green Mountain Studio, outside of Ft. Worth, TX. Bruce has exhibited his work at Arcadia University, Rebekah Templeton, Vox Populi, (all Philadelphia); Arlington Museum of Art (TX), Salt Lake Art Center, the Nicolaysen Art Museum (Casper, WY) and the Boise Art Museum (ID). Recent group exhibitions include Scope, NY, Answer Factory at The Luminary (St. Louis, MO), and No Soul for Sale at Tate Modern (London, UK). In 2002 Campbell received the DeGolyer Award from the Dallas Museum of Art, and during 2005 he completed a residency at Art Farm (Marquette, NE). Bruce is an alumnus of the Philadelphia artist collective Vox Populi. He lives and works in New York City where he is a resident artist at chashama.