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Bridget Mullen

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Little Buddha, 2009
Block with Interior, 2010
Block with Interior (detail), 2010
Down River with Block, 2009
Down River with Block (detail), 2009
Artist's Statement

My process sustains the mystery in my intentions to retain the mystery for the viewer.

The materials that come into my life navigate my initial moves; what others consider discard I use to define the parameters of my work. To avoid working towards a preconceived idea, abstract images are quickly rendered in paint on tar paper upon waking in the morning, attempts to capture fleeting moments from dreams. Years pass, images pile up, tar bleeds into the paint, until the original dream is forgotten and only the artwork remains.

The viewer’s experience with the work should mirror the process of making it; finding ground in the recognizable elements and imagining what could be, feeling one’s way through darkness, like the intangibility of a dream.


Born 1976, Winona, Minnesota