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Brian Willmont

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
La Llorona, mixed media, dimensions variable, 2012
Monutment 2, Paper mache, cardboard, glue, cinder blocks, 46 1/2x14x8", 2012
When You Awake, Gouache and ink on paper, 30x22", 2012
Lost in the Wild, Gouache, ink, paper, and burnt holes on paper, 22x18", 2012
Spectral Visions, Gouche, enamel, acrylic, ink, burnt holes on paper, 58 parts, 84x204", 2012
Artist's Statement

Dancing on the edge of gaudy decoration, vividly patterned compositions are designed to entrance the viewer (like a siren), disguising and distorting violence. Working in volume like series, repeating symbols and imagery in painting, sculpture, video to create a multi leveled reality from the dialog between works which create further complexities and narratives when exhibited creating installations that bring the energy of the work into the atmosphere and allow endless interpretations of the work. While colorful and energetic, the works are full of quiet unrest - expectant and somber as history repeats its self.


Brian Willmont recieved his BFA with Honors, from the Massachusetts College of art in 2007. He was a recent resident at the Santa Fe Arts Institute and has had solo shows at Aviary Gallery (Boston, MA), Receiver Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Space 1026 (Philadelphia, PA), LaMontagne Gallery (Boston, MA), and the Boston Center for the Arts (Boston, MA). His work has been published in Juxtapoz Magazine, The Boston Globe, Beautiful/Decay, Hardcore Magazine, The Santa Fe Reporter, The Boston Phoenix, and many other print and web publications. In 2005 Brian started Apenest, an experimental group devoted to book and print publishing. Brian lives and works in Brooklyn NY.