Brian Fernandes-Halloran

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
A man introduces his baby son brother or cousin to his friends
A man admires a dog
About to turn the corner or go into the corner store
A fruit stand
Buying a six pack
Artist's Statement

My current series is a self conscious examination my neighbors in Lefferts Gardens. While providing social commentary that involves race the paintings are based on personal experience and not on symbolism or stereotypes. The works marvel at how the boundaries maintained between myself and my neighbors are subtle and nuanced but inescapably omnipresent . My perspective of other social groups is obstructed especially in experiencing intimate activities. As a result I miss much of the imagery to humanize many of my neighbors. I am especially distant from the young men on my block. We don't look each other in the face so they lack facial features in some of my paintings.

The series exposes my participation as a non minority members of my community in the maintenance of social boundaries and celebrates the innate beauty of human interaction.


IICD Williamsburg, MA
Portuguese language Prof.

Boston University Boston, MA
Bachelor in Fine Arts, Dean’s list with distinction
University Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil

Yale University- Norfolk Summer Program

ADPP Teacher Training College Nhamatanda, Mozambique
English Teacher, Project Organizer, Mural Painter
2004, February- June
Institute for International Cooperation and Development Williamsburg, MA
Team leader, Portuguese Teacher
Pearly White Dentistry Wayne, PA
Dental Assistant

Show Experience
East Austin Studio Tour-2009
Dual Exhibition at BIG MEDIUM gallery in Austin, TX with Christa Palazzolo in 2009
Featured as 2nd in the top 9 cultural events of 2009 in the Austin Chronicle.