Brian Fernandes-Halloran

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Two friends laughing on the corner
Fruit Stand
Showing off the Dog
Corner store lotto line
Prospect Park fireworks
Artist's Statement

My work struggles with the boundaries between people and celebrates our ability to defy social expectations by simply acting human.
My current series was sparked by my recent move to the corner of Washington, Flatbush and Lincoln road, just east of Prospect Park. Its occupants are a mix of social groups: whites in our 20s moving in at an increasing pace and to the most part adhering to the norms of the hipster; West Indian and African families, many of whose younger members adhere to Black American youth norms: and families of various backgrounds living just east of me in the area zoned one house one family, many of whom have been in this area for a long time.
In its completion the series should unapologetically represent the transition from entering a community as an outsider with ill informed assumptions to becoming a member of a community regardless of a lack of shared origin.


IICD Williamsburg, MA
Portuguese language Prof.

Boston University Boston, MA
Bachelor in Fine Arts, Dean’s list with distinction
University Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil

Yale University- Norfolk Summer Program

ADPP Teacher Training College Nhamatanda, Mozambique
English Teacher, Project Organizer, Mural Painter
2004, February- June
Institute for International Cooperation and Development Williamsburg, MA
Team leader, Portuguese Teacher
Pearly White Dentistry Wayne, PA
Dental Assistant

Show Experience
East Austin Studio Tour-2009
Dual Exhibition at BIG MEDIUM gallery in Austin, TX with Christa Palazzolo in 2009
Featured as 2nd in the top 9 cultural events of 2009 in the Austin Chronicle.