Brian Farrell

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Implosion, oil on wood, 60"x48", 2009
Untitled BF-1, oil on wood, 60"x48", 2009
Untitled BF-2. mixed media on wood, 76"x48", 2009
Untitled BF-4, oil on burlap, 72"x72", 2009
Untitled BF-3, oil on wood, 2009
Artist's Statement

My paintings reflect the contemporary societal issues in the realm of politics, corruption, greed, and human violations.

Currently, the work touches directly on forms of the natural innocence of childhood, child abuse, the exploitation of children and how the latest global financial collapse has led to solitude, isolation. These timeless issues have been magnified in this newly globalized world through our current technology.

My technique is derived from my background in landscape architecture and figurative painting but influenced by an abstract figurative style. I begin with choosing a ground (canvas, plexiglass, plastic sheet, burlap, wood), then construct the concept through a charcoal or pencil drawing. Next, de-construct the figure and scene through thin layers of oil and collage. The work is finished with a polyutherane or varnish seal.


Museums, Institutions and Awards:
2009, Chelsea Museum, New York
2006, Nueberger Berman Foundation, N.Y
2003, Deutche Bank Collection
2001, The White House Old Executive Office
2000, Bertlesman BMG National Artists Award
1999, The Henry Buhl/Soho Foundation;

Selected Shows:
2009, Blerancourt Franco American Museum, NY 2009, Littlefields, Brooklyn New York
2009, Mikhail Lombardo Gallery, New York
2009, Armory Art Week, Juvenal Reis Studios, New York
2008, Open Studios, Juvenal Reis Studios/P.S.1 MOMA, New York
2007, Take Home a Nude Auction, Phillips DePury, Elaine Guggenheim - Curator
2007, Flowers Gallery, NY
2007, Petra Projects U-Turn, NY
2006, RVS Fine Art, NY,
2004, Gale Martin Fine Art, NY
2002, The Children's Museum, NY