Brian Dupont

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UNIT STRUCTURES, 2004. Oil, paintstick, wax, and alkyd on canvas. 46" x 28 1/2"
TRYST, 2007. Oil, paintstick, wax, and alkyd on Linen. 44" x 24"
ORBIT (DEGRADED), 2008. Oil, paintstick, wax, and alkyd on canvas. 46" x 28 1/2"
SYSTEMS WAR, 2009. Oil, paintstick, wax, and alkyd on canvas. 76" x 110"
PARTICLE, 2009. Oil and alkyd on aluminum. 8" x 10"
Artist's Statement

My work is a study of how the visual aspects of information can be conveyed — or distorted — within the framework of abstract painting. My source material is anything that transmits information visually, including diagrams, scientific images, written language, symbols, and musical notation. I use these forms to establish the underlying pattern of each painting. Then, as all communication is founded upon repetition and the breaking of the expectations that patterns engender, I stress the pattern through a process of editing, erasure, and re-transcription. The final image is a result of these accumulations and removals. Thus I conjoin the simplicity of a patterned field with the unique disruptions that can tell us something, though what it may be may remain elusive.


Brian Dupont was born in Tacoma, WA and spent most of his formative years in the Mid-West. He studied art at the University of Minnesota before transferring to the Kansas City Art Institute where he earned a BFA in 1996. He earned his MFA from Cornell University in 2000. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.