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Branden Koch

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Studio Location
"i came as you is" 2009. oil/acrylic/canvas/wood 72''x48''
"back seat drivers" 2009. oil/canvas. 36''x30''
"albaycin" 2009. oil/canvas. 25''x17''
"browsing exercizes" 2009. oil/canvas 30''x17''
"leisure" 2009. oil/canvas 30''x25'
Artist's Statement

The male bower bird looks to his immediate surroundings to scavenge colorful objects and everyday detritus for an eclectic display that serves the sole purpose of attracting a suitable mate.  He steals fragments from the world around him that were once rendered temporarily useless or forgotten:  bits of aluminum foil, a teal plastic thimble, a brass key tossed onto a picnic blanket, velvety orange berries.  He flies them back to his bower to decisively rearrange and compose them according to a unique plan that diagrams a new, vital, and active site.  A stage set to court a theater of survival, of procreation, a collection, a construction for recollecting.  A disappointment and yet fully a necessary means of negotiation.   Vulnerable and hopeful, a language dislocates meaning, delivering a space of potential communication.


Solo exhibitions: Ping Pong Gallery, SF, CA 2009; High Energy Constructs, LA, CA 2007, 2008; The Harwood Art Center, ABQ, NM 2008; Rowland Contemporary Chi, IL 2007; as well as various group exhibitions nationally.   MFA, The Milton Avery Graduate School of Fine Arts at Bard College, 2005;  BFA, The Cleveland Institute of Art, 2001.