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Bradley Wood

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Leaving NY, 2004 oil on canvas 36"x30"
cigar room 2014 oil on canvas 65"x63"
Bonnie Briar Party 2014 oil on canvas 40"x42"
Party with Ham, 2012 oil on canvas 64"x96"
Artist's Statement

I was living in an artist's loft space in Brooklyn when the owner decided to convert the building into a luxury condo. I needed the space to live and work and I found myself north of the city. The area was filled with bankers and lawyers and diplomats. The complete antithesis of an artist community. At the time, the basement became my new studio. I spent months in my own world, unaware of my surroundings, until every so often, I would come up for air. Many afternoons, I found myself walking among the virtual mansions right outside my door. I began to fixate on them, my imagination going wild as I wondered about the people inside, my neighbors. I returned to my studio and began combining luscious oils and expressionistic narratives to invite myself into a world that both attracts and repulses me. Whether this world is reality or strictly fantasy, it almost doesn't matter. They're the neighbors I've come to know.