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Borden Capalino

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Heaviness Of The Load - 2009, dog bones, aluminum, urethane, wood, caulk. 72" x 48" x 44"
War Cancun - 2008, plastic tarp over stretcher bars. 92" x 62"
Snake Years (Augury of Bullshit) - 2009, live ball python, wood, and mixed media. 54" x 49" x 97"
Pink and Black Octagon (Augury of Bullshit) - 2009, cardboard, wood, polystyrene, spray paint, resin. 41" x 68" x 61"
Snake feeding performance shots - Pink and Black Octagon (Augury of Bullshit), 2009.
Artist's Statement

Consider this scenario: a man living in a bleak post-apocalyptic future wanders into the ruins of a museum, and comes upon a collection of minimalist sculptures. Assuming all memory of art and its history has been lost, what would this future man make of a Tony Smith or Donald Judd? Though totally hypothetical, this question is useful as it allows us to de-contextualize and examine afresh the minimalist project. I suggest that instead of formal objects devoid of metaphor, these works might come across as objects of function or ritual. Exploring the implications of this imagined encounter is at the center of my work. Using materials such as recycled lumber, plastic tarps, cardboard, fallen wood and general detritus my work attempts to re-examine minimalism in the context of demise, desperation and decay.


Born 1980 New York, New York. Lives and works in Brooklyn. Education: 2003, Oberlin College, B.A. Studio Art Major Recent Exhibitions: 2009 "The Open," Deitch Studios, Queens, NY 2008 "Live Wonderfully," Live Wonderfully, New York, NY "Pretty Ugly," Gavin Brown's Enterprise & Maccarone Gallery, New York, NY