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Blake Baxter

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Artist's Statement

Consumerism is Violence.

The materials used to construct my pieces are manufactured leveraging "cost-effective" factory processes (mostly overseas), purchased for a very low price via the Internet using a credit card, and delivered via the global consumer supply chain using petro-fuels to power at least four combustion engine-based transportation methods (ship, train/plane, truck, car). They are generally plastic-coated, highly glossy, richly dyed, and emit a noxious though slightly pleasant odor.

These works are simultaneously Product, Byproduct, and Waste. They will either be purchased by collectors or compacted into clear plastic bags and placed in a recycling collection bin. They may very well end up in a landfill. They are reproducible as long as the materials used to construct them are in production.


Group Exhibitions
2010 INSIGHT at Triomph, Brooklyn, NY
2010 Fall Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Summer Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Spring Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Summer Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Spring Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY

2009, Studio Visit, Winter Edition. Juror: Steven Zevitas
2009, Studio Visit, Spring edition. Juror: Michael Klein