Birgit Larson

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Studio Location
I am asking people to record themselves pronouncing my name as a witness of the people I have met.
Artist's Statement

I focus my work on finding and understanding the most basic connections we have with each other. I use my work to address my own fears that I have about experiencing the everyday world in a language between humor and vulnerability.

I am interested in understanding how my values change from day to day, how I make decisions about spending myself in this world, and in showing how people around me influence me. I investigate my personal worth, and am curious to see how vulnerable I am willing to make myself in order to accept my identity.

I use installations, objects, performance and sound to interact with and record myself and the public. I compare myself to biological elements to gain perspective and offer humor.


With a radically omnivorous practice that sorts deliberately through the pile-up of rhetoric on the 21st century highway in search of new vehicles for meaning, neglected states of being, and poly-conceptual ways of seeing, Larson swings easily between social arts practices and conceptual art, drawing, performance art, and use of home-made technologies, addressing the practical agency of individuals, and the terrible responsibility of searches for meaning.