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Bill Santen

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Our Columbia, Portrait Series Volume 2
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A Song for you- a song, 16mm film
Artist's Statement

Through the absurd and sometimes impertinent nature of the poetic act, art provokes a moment of suspended meaning, a sensation of senselessness that may reveal the absurdity of the situation. Via this act of transgression, the poetic act makes one step back for an instant from the circumstances. In short, it may make one look at things differently.

-Francis Alys, Mexico 1997


Bill Santen received his BA from the University of Kentucky, College of Fine Arts in Lexington, Kentucky (2009) and his Masters of Fine Arts from the School of the Arts at Columbia University in New York (2011). As a songwriter, he has released five records with BMG Music, culminating with In the Night Kitchen (2004). Santen’s films have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Thomas Erben Gallery, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, the Masc Foundation, Vienna, Austria, and the Overgaden Museum of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark. In April 2013, he will compete against other Bronx musicians for the Greenspace Battle of the Boroughs music competition.