Bibi Calderaro

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Pineal Action IV was a 5 ft. tall piñata, covered with texts on Aesthetics and perception, wacked by viewers after 6 wks of show
In PRESENT I read, I typed my immediate thoughts, I gave away the writings; during 225 hours of performance at PS1
Blinking Landscape is a Super-8 diptych installation about identity and perception
Still, Life is a small rotating sculpture about change, perception and the still life
Shattered Vision being Healed by Sound is a small sound sculpture about randomness, the absurd and perception
Artist's Statement

Curious about intersubjectivity and the possibilties of communication, I question boundaries—of subjects, of disciplines, of knowledge—to create tensions, to problematize, to simplify, to yield new layers of perception and thought. I critically employ a range of media, such as still and moving images, sound, objects, writing, and performative actions.
Deeply indebted to practices whose matrix is therapeutic, performative, ritualistic and political in its radicality, I am after something solid yet fragile; something solid yet fluid. And some tentative connections.


Has recently participated in the M. Walsh Sharpe Studio Program NY and in ACA’s residency in Florida. In 2009 held her first solo show in NY at MinusSpace Gallery.
Has shown individually and in curated shows internationally since 1995. Has participated in curated exhibitions at PS1, NY, 2008-09; Memory and Landscape, Spain, 2004; AIM23, Bronx Museum, NY, 2003; S-Files, Museo del Barrio, NY, 2002; Versions of the South, Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Madrid, 2000 and Buenos Aires MoMA, 1999, among others. Her films and video work have been shown in Canada, France, Germany, Croatia, Argentina, and the US. She has been recipient of the AIM Program, 2003; Arts Recovery Fund, NYFA 2002; Aaron Siskind Fellowship Grant, 1998; and The Studio and Workshop Fellowship Grant with Guillermo Kuitca, 1994-95, among others. She holds a BA from Wesleyan University, 1988 and an MFA from CUNY, 2006.