Betsy Weis

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Trees and Blue Sky 2015 10" x 15" Giclee Print
Rain Clearing 2015 10" x 15" Giclee Print
Trees and Rain 2015 13" x 20" Giclee Print
Two Trees 2015 10" x 15" Giclee Print
Tree and Hill 2015 10" x 15" Giclee Print
Artist's Statement

Among trees, ponds, grass, sky, sea, air, and clouds, I photograph nature. I find a view, a perspective, an orientation that pulls me in and I look for more.
Back in my studio I develop the picture with an intention similar to a monk's early morning practice of sweeping the temple garden clean while maintaining its innate beauty. My goal is to create a picture that feels familiar, and, at the same time, reveals a new way of seeing what is right in front of us.
The space in between what is observed and what is felt, what is perceived and desired, what is chosen and realized, between the action and the reaction, this intervening space, can be vast or momentary. This is where I work.