Beth Whitney

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Exorcism, 72″ x 66″ x 36″, Oil paint flakes from scraped palettes, used canvas, muslin paint rags
Dream House Installation, (aprox.) 5′ x 3.5′ x 1′ , Mixed media (plexiglass, house paint, mirrors, etc.)
Broken Home Interventions, Dimensions variable, Plywood, house paint, acrylic
MeEat Billboard, 8′ x 24′ , Butcher paper, house paint, spray paint, rope, insulation board
Stuck Series paintings, Dimensions variable, Oil on canvas
Artist's Statement

My work explores visual dichotomies, the spectacle of consumerism, and the ways in which class distinctions are represented and glorified. During a few formative years spent as an amusement park carney I witnessed the power of garish surfaces to attract attention, while simultaneously masking the unsavory innards hard at work beneath these carnivalesque exteriors. Later, a career making props and dressing theater sets afforded me a view into a world where the distances between the audience and what unfolds on stage create spaces where uncomfortable ideas can be examined in a non-threatening environment. I have an inclination toward art as an act of subversion and a faith art's ability to harness the power of the uncanny as a means of introducing similar theatrical experiences into everyday life.


Website: Beth Whitney Art/Projects
After graduating from RISD in 1989 with a BFA in printmaking, Beth Whitney spent a number of years working in commercial design fields as an art director and interface designer for software and new media companies while pursuing a competitive long distance running career. In 2001, after a long competitive career that resulted in qualifying for the Olympic Marathon trials and being named to the World Championships USA Marathon team, she was forced into retirement due to injury. Deciding it was time to pursue another long-term dream, she moved to New York City to build props and dress sets for off-broadway theatres in Times Square. After years of creating work in support of other artists' vision, she decided to enroll in Montclair University's MFA program, graduating in 2010.
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