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Beth Shipley

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
18" x 18" oil on linen, "Speed Still" 2010
16" x 16" oil on linen, "Raw Data" 2010
24" x 24" oil on line, "Magenta Correction" 2008
14" x 17", gouache, untitled, 2009
17" x 12", gouache collage, Inside Out, 2008
Artist's Statement

I approach the blank canvas as a ready place for unfettered thought where the subject of the work is located through a process of making. The confluence of brushstroke, color, line and field operates as a catalyst to challenge the precepts of formal organization while refining expressive intentions. While working, I pay close attention to the points of slippage when the mind determines the image and the image, in turn, begins to change the mind. This process continues until the subject is fully realized and grounded in concrete form. Although the finished works will often refer to elements of landscape, figure or object, they remain essentially hybrids that tell a story through the relationship of their discordant parts.


Beth Shipley has exhibited extensively both in New York and internationally. She has recently been awarded the Klotz Residency Fellowship in France, the Valparaiso Residency grant in Spain and a Change Foundation grant. She currently teaches in the art departments of Pratt Institute and CUNY.