Bernard Klevickas

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
untitled (waveforms) Pressed, welded and painted aluminum 12'x 12'x 3'
bluewaveforms Powder coating paint on pressed stainless steel with polished stainless steel bases 31"x 31"x 4"
bauble Powder coating paint on pressed steel with rusted steel, polished bronze and polished stainless steel base 11"x 11"x 7
untitled (experiment) Pressed steel 4"x 9"x 8"
untitled (2nd tier) outdoor sculpture Automotive paint on pressed aluminum with polished stainless steel supports 8'x 6'
Artist's Statement
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2010    HOUSEBROKEN, Flux Factory Inaugural Exhibition, Long Island City, NY
              Artscape, Cultural Pittsfield, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, curated yearlong outdoor sculpture exhibition
2009    Bridge Across Generations, Two Coves Community Garden, Astoria Queens, New York, commissioned sculpture installation
             Figment; Season-long sculpture exhibition,
Governors Island, New York, interactive group sculpture exhibition

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