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Benjamin Bertocci

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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"Party" oil and acrylic on aluminum, 26x31, 2012
"Dead Eyed Lord" oil and acrylic on aluminum, 24x29, 2013
"Piggy" oil painted mouth, mixed media, 20x27, 2013
"Self Portrait of You" Oil Painted Face, Inkjet, 18x24, 2013
"Demon" Oil painted mouth, mixed media, 18x23, 2012
Artist's Statement

My recent painting focuses on behaviors that lead to environmental therefor societal collapse, and the effect that living in this kind of culture has on the individual. I utilize current mass production printing technology alongside recycled materials and traditional oil painting, often with found aluminum and plastic as a base.
Ancient Mesopotamian cultures took great care to inlay or paint the eyes of their gods and ancestors in order to impart power and an actual soul into their figurines. Drawing from their example, I use oil painted eyes and mouth to represent the spirit of the subject. The slapdash nature of the works references the individuals struggle for meaning in the confusing and somewhat overwhelming pulse of mass media and cultural trends.


Benjamin Bertocci was raised in Stockbridge Massachusetts. The layered collages and oil paintings featured in his most recent solo exhibition at Fuse Gallery garnered praise from the Village Voice, and Vice Magazine.
Recently, Bertocci has striven to find alternate ways of showing and funding his artwork that does not rely on or help support the current feudal court gallery system. Mr. Bertocci lives in Queens with his wife Mariko and works as Assistant Manager of Jeff Koons studios.