Ben Brown

Studio Interior
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183 gallons of water, installation documentation, REFUSE, REFUSE. 2009
commitment statement, digital image, text, REFUSE, REFUSE. 2009
digital still, 35mm slides, text, REFUSE, REFUSE. 2009
video still, It Is What It Is: Conversations About Iraq. 2009
Artist's Statement

I work primarily with film/video, sculpture, and photography and I use strategies from journalism, biology, and documentary film to create interventions in recent social histories.
In my most recent project, REFUSE, REFUSE, I created a three-part installation that is composed of 183 gallon water jugs, 35mm slides, and pamphlets, which investigate the history of criminalizing human rights activists in Arizona. The piece asks the viewers to indirectly “aid and abet” illegal immigration for the sake of human rights.



After graduating from Williams College in 2006, I received the Watson/Chandler Fellowship to produce documentaries in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Colombia. In 2008, I received the Leonhardt Cassullo Video Fellow at CreativeTime to document public art projects including Jeremy Deller's It Is What It Is. My video work has appeared on the NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, Discovery Channel, WNET, CurrentTV, and various group shows in galleries and film festivals. I am a member of the UnionDocs Collaborative.