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Beatriz Olivetti

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled, 2011. Ink and charcoal on recycled wood.
Untitled, 2011. Ink and charcoal on wood.
Untitled, 2011. Charcoal on recycled wood.
Untitled, 2010. Ink and charcoal on cotton paper.
Untitled, 2010. Ink and charcoal on cotton paper.
Artist's Statement

The themes of my drawings speak of the ambiguity and absurdity of human existence. I thrive in the intimacy and aloofness of the urban setting in New York City. My work illustrates the encounter between the lingering sensibility of the body and the concrete persistency of lived experience. Hence, contemplation of tangible familiarity is a subsuming part of my creative process.


Beatriz Olivetti
Main Genre: Drawing
Affiliations: International Women Artists Salon ; HKAA; LICA; Local Project, LIC; Anamesa NYU

Exhbitions and Publications:
Anamesa Journal (NYU)
2009, 2010, 2011

LICA Open Studios
May, 2010/ May 2011

12 Lives in Queens - Local Project
July, 2010

Intl.Women Artists Salon
June, 2011

Hell’s Kitchen Art Ass.- Art Festival
June 2011

Beatriz Olivetti was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where the artistic influence of international contemporary art first inspired her to pursue life drawing ever since. She has formal studio instruction in sculpture: Iron pouring and fabrication, wood, and marble - all of which inform her focus on charcoal and ink sculptural drawings.