Beatrix Piesh

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
in the Atelier,works on paper
Procesion, 2009, 48"x52", spray paint on wood panel
Chosen, 2009, 9,5"x 24", spray paint on wood chip
What do you do for love, 2009, 19"x24", spray paint on wood chip
I have a secret to tell you, 2009, 19"x24",spray paint on paper
Artist's Statement

Using recycled materials has been a part of mine of creation. I give a new life and permanent position to already used material which would otherwise end up on trash fields of America. My recent creation I push the concept to different dimension by using a shadow of used materials as well material itself. I give a life back to brown organic paper, I call it " Three Dimensional Calligraphy" in addition via spray paint to create a shadow on hand waved canvas and recycled wood chip boards. Concept of making a recycled material invisible and in a same time give it a permanent use, but not as a primary object, my artwork radiates pure joy from making art with romantic, and some may find storytelling images.
It seems completely natural to me to take the process of making art as prism through which I understand all my experiences and feelings.