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Beatrice Scaccia

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Eve drinks. Pencil 2014, gesso and wax on paper. 30x22.5 inches each
Little Gloating Eve 2014, Installation view Cuchifritos Gallery. NYC
Little Gloating Eve 2014, Installation view. Cuchifritos Gallery. NYC
Little Gloating Eve 2014, sketch
Little Gloating Eve 2014, gif project
Artist's Statement

My work acts as an immersion into the human condition, inviting people into the life of my central character, Eve. Rendering movements ranging from banal to absurd (cooking, dancing, listening to music, eating flowers), I use the faceless Eve concealed in layers of grey clothing and padding, to construct a narrative of fragments and repetition in dilated time. A close emulation of dozens of simple, borrowed actions, I deconstruct these familiar gestures to build my own fiction — fixed in the pattern of a wallpaper, the loop of an animated gif, or the edges of drawings — revealing both the foolishness and wonder of our routines.
As a protagonist, Eve is both sinister and playful, suspended between being a child and a play toy; an attempt to return to the lightness and magic of childhood that has since been lost to time. It's a story told through syncopated movements. (Jodi Waynberg)



2014 Artists Alliance, NYC
2013 Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn

Education And Work Experience

2012/2014 Jeff Koons Studio

2006/2009 Director Of The No Profit Space Inart-Rome-Piazza Di Spagna

2005 Supervisor For The Realization Of 21 Decorative Panels For The Italian Pavilion, Expo Of Aichi In Japan

2001/2005 Studio Assistant Of Gino Marotta

1998/2002 Academy Of Arts Of Rome, Full Marks Degree In Fine Art And Master In Fine Art Education.

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Little Gloating Eve-Cuchifritos Gallery- ArtistsAlliance, New York
2014 Little Gloating Eve. Effearte. Milan, Italy
2014 Little Gloating Eve. Exhibition-Conversation With Jodi Waynberg. Residency Unlimited. Brooklyn
2013 The Perfect Stage. Bosi Contemporary. New York
2010 He, She, It: Masculine, Feminine, Neuter Gender, Ugo Ferranti Gallery. Rome