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Baris Gokturk

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
INVSURV 74”x82” 2012
CONS AM 74”x82” 2012
Detail, CONS AM 74”x82” 2012
Untitled 62”x68” 2012
Untitled 62”x68” 2012
Artist's Statement

Baris Gokturk’s work stems out of collage-based abstract systems of distorted information. The work embodies a quasi-dysfunctional ad-hoc eco-system of interdependent parts held together by a continuous visual disconnect. The layered narrative originates in contemporary mythologies of culture, power and technology and is truncated by a process of obstacle, failure and slippages, resulting in a synthetic surface of discombobulated imagery.


Baris Gokturk (born 1982, Ankara, Turkey) completed his MFA at Hunter College in 2010 and his BFA at Parsons School of Design in 2005. He was the recipient of Tony Smith Award as well as the Graf Travel Grant at Hunter College and The Fine Arts Academic Excellence Award at Parsons School of Design. He has exhibited internationally in France, Korea, Spain, Turkey and Puerto Rico. Recent group shows include Apertures:Outopia, Eutopia and Other Spaces curated by Dr. Thalia Vrakopoulos at Gallery 4Walls, Seoul, Korea, “Rogue Element” at RH+ Gallery in Istanbul, Stuck in the Middle with You at Casa Dell’Arte Art Management in Bodrum and Rumble Above the Clouds at S.A.P. in New York. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.