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Baji Lives!

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"The Bridge Comes Alive" , 30 feet x 150 feet, 520+ hand-painted ovals, urethane on Yupo, 4 x 6" each, installed June 1 2011
"Anytime Color Offering", 25 x 12 feet. 200 hand painted cards. Passers by could take their favorite color. Duration 2 days.
"Dumbo Kite", 30 x 10 feet, 150 hand painted cards. Urethane on paper.
"Glorified Garbage", 11 x 10 feet, Bushwick alley. Brooklyn
"one on the road" Idaho.
Artist's Statement

Baji Lives! is an ongoing and collaborative public art project. Our goal is to enliven public space with colorful hand-made objects. We seek to reward the active looker and hopefully provoke a few smiles.

We fund our projects using the revenue generated by our store, which features unique objects made by Baji Lives! contributors as well as guest artists such as Bill Jensen, Margirt Lewczuk and Chris Martin.


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