Avery McCarthy

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X=? (We have lost...)
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Artist's Statement

We live an a profound and sublime landscape, one that stretches far beyond our planets to include galaxies, atoms, dark matter, equations, and an infinitude of cosmic forces that we cannot hope to ever see or understand. Each project I undertake seeks to explore a different layer behind our daily reality. Sometimes these projects are abstract, allusions to grander cosmic visions that I am delighted to discover, mimicked in our constructed landscape. Other projects explore natural phenomena that give insight into the beauty inherent in the minuscule and the gigantic, the illusion represented as reality. All my work takes a look, both large and small, at what might be called the "substrata" of our world: a system just behind, veiled by our daily perspective, always there and yet hardly ever contemplated.



-"FRESH" (Curated by W.M. Hunt and Darren Ching)@ Klompching Gallery & Fraction Magazine
- "Photographers for Friends" (Curated by Stephen Frailey)@ Phillips de Pury, NYC
2011 "The New World"@ Gallery Bar, New York City
-“Humble Arts Foundation: Collectors Guide to New Art
Photography Vol. 2 Book Launch and Exhibition”@ Chelsea Arts Museum, NYC
- “KiptonArt Rising 2010” @ James Salomon Gallery, NYC
-“Urban Utopia” (Curated by Heidi Lee and Anastasia Rodgers)@ 32 Greene St., NYC
- “AuthentiCity” @ Salon del Mobile (Milan Design Week) Milan, Italy
- “Cultural Anthropologies” @ Central Booking NYC, Brooklyn
- “MSS LKS” @ Media Lounge New Media Art Festival, Brooklyn
2008 Online Emerging Artists Auction @ Daniel Cooney Gallery, NYC
- Visual Arts Gallery Booth @ Aqua Wynwood, Miami
-WYSIWYG” @ Jenny Jaskey Gallery, PA (curated by Christopher Lew)
-"Mentors Show” @ The Visual Arts Gallery, NYC