Asa Gauen

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Hourglass 2011. A person buries something for someone else to find. Digital projection on sand. Installation shot. Dur: 4:11
Through the Gaps of Clouds 2010. A personal story told from how I remember it. Video.
Dur: 5:12
Moment of Clarity 2010. A folklore story is told about a man and his son inside a barn in the country. Video.
Dur: 5:12
The Cake Story 2009. A man tells a story about a birthday girl and expectations that he didn't quite meet. Video.
Dur: 3:34
Handmade books and artist editions 2001-2011
Artist's Statement

In the last few years, I have concentrated on making videos in a linear “storytelling” format using sound, words, and pictures. Much of my work focuses on the idea of man going through a state of change, a transition within himself.

I also write and illustrate picture books, in which most are based on my personal experiences.

I currently live in Brooklyn, New York.


MFA Computer Art, the School of Visual Arts, 2009

BFA Photography, Indiana University, 2002