Arushi Murushi

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Shrek is love, Shrek is life
Birds commiting suicide
Arushi when he was a lad
Arushi's favorite fictional character, don't rest on it!
Visual arts representation of 4'33"
Artist's Statement

Arushi's my name, math is my game!


Aurshi Murushi is an up and coming freelance artist. He uses complicated math to make his pictures look like M.C. Escher's art. Arushi has his own anime series called, "Arushi Anime" in which he voices the main character. His appreciation for many kinds of art has led to him traveling the world, away from his hometown of Pyongyang. He visits his father Kim Jong every year to celebrate their grandfather. His hockey hat was passed on from his great great great great grandfather, and he looks cool by rotating it 75 degrees. Arushi has studied at a number of reputable art institutes throughout the world, including the Pratt Institute where he met his platonic friend Owen Spangler. He and Owen do collaborations whenever they're feeling lonely and regretful. Arushi also enjoys a variety of other activities, including serving as a part time judge (before being fired for treason), and riding on horses without his shirt on.