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I would like to Upload my art because I believe I have a certain way I draw it's not necessarily a line or portrayed different than what it looks. Like most paintings are interpreted mine are felt through looking at them. They look dramatic I believe people will see my art in a different light. Than just a line down on a canvas. My work consists of women and women faces and body's because women are beyond sexulized. I use that to my advantage and create that idea in a different light because you're looking at sad dramatic women who have been through some type of sadness. Any person who sees my work can imagine their own twist on it.


I am Ariel Meyers
I grew up in Clark, New Jersey
I am a self taught artist
I have been displayed in a couple art shows in New Jersey and some of my work was transported all around the state
I have won awards for some of my art
I have taken art classes in school and am currently taking some college courses with art
As in graphic design, drawing. painting